Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Build A Bear Workshop

I went to Build A Bear Workshop for my best friends party. It was in Solihull and it was a long drive! When we got there a man, who was our leader, instructed us and told us what to do. Because it was a party we got £17 that came with the party.

Firstly, we had to choose our bear and name it. My bear was a dog and its name was Fudge and it was £11. Then, we listened to some recorded sounds but no one wanted a sound. After that, we put a heart in our bear, wished for something and stuffed it! I wanted my bear to be soft (you could choose from soft, cuddly or hard).

You could get a scent in your bear which was chocolate, vanilla, bubblegum or strawberry. Afterwards the man sowed the back of the bear up and got a birth certificate that came with it. Me and my friends brought extra money so we could buy clothes for it!

I had £6 leftover from the bear and £5 aswell that i brought with me. I got a top and shorts for my bear. It was sooo cute!!!!!! In the box it came with had bows in it, because it was a party, and now i have 6 bows (because my friends didn't want theirs)! Then we had a sleepover at my bestfriends house.

A couple weeks later I went to Birmingham with my parents and my brother. My brother got a camo bear and he named it Tom and he got a clothes set which had camoflage on it like army clothes. I bought some shoes for Fudge, top and shoes for my other bear, which is a girl cat and a top for my teddybear (piglet).


Experience rating : 9/10 I think this because they are really cute, cuddly and soft. It was a brillant day out and i really enjoyed going to Build A Bear Workshop! I say 9 because it could be a bit cheaper as it's very expensive! It's like looking after a baby because you have to look after it well.

My Aqua Dragons.

Official site:

I was sent some aqua dragons to try out on the 7th of March 2013 and it came in a package. The eggs and food were in small packages and in the package was a small tank, food, eggs, a aerator (pippette), a small spoon and some instructions! I was sooo excited when it came because I was really looking forward to having pets of my own. My friend had some sea monkeys (they are the same as aqua dragons but produced by a different company) and I wanted some.

When I opened it I put bottled water in the tank and put the eggs in. The next day some of them had hatched so I decided to give them some food. Then three days later I gave them some more food and I used the aerator to the blow some air bubbles in the tank (oxygenating it). 4 days later I did the same and then I did the same 4 days after that.

I feed them every 3-4 days but I got confused because on the instructions it said feed them every 2-3 days and on the food package it said feed them every 4-5 days. I have a question, if you go on holiday and you can’t take them with you, will they die of hunger? So far some of the aqua dragons are ok but lots of them haven’t hatched yet and I don’t know why L. So far I can only count 7!

When they first hatched I found myself sitting, watching the little creatures swim around for ages. I had to use a micoscope but it's not very good! (I think they should provide a microscope with it). But now I don’t look at them as often as I used to.

After  3 weeks they have grown to the 4th or 5th stage in the aqua dragon cycle. (The instructions is really cool because it shows you the aqua dragon life cycle and the tank is colourful and cute because it has colourful aqua dragons on it and it’s like a coral reef!)

I Got It Rating: 8/10 because you get to feed them and watch them swim (they are fasinating to watch) but I think the instructions weren't very clear.

You can buy aqua dragons from amazon for around £11 and from ebay

Disclosure:We were sent these aqua dragons free of charge to try and review. All my opinions are honest.

UPDATE: Following my review, I have been told that the instructions will be corrected and my eggs might still hatch due to the coldness of the water.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

My rabbit onsie

My mum bought me a rabbit onsie from Primark. In my class mostly every1 has them (except the boys) and they vary in different animals and you can also get them with camaflage. A onsie is an outfit which is all in 1! My 1 has got ears and a face of the rabbit on the hood. On the feet it has rabbits on them and on the belly in has a pink heart. It's really soft and cosy, but I wouldn't wear them to bed because you would be too hot. It has a zip so it can be easy to get out of. I really like onsies and I like to wear them when I'm chilling!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Kracie popin cookin hamburger set

Why I wanted it
I really wanted the popin cookin sets but I wanted the hamburger set most of all, because i had been watching it on youtube and lots of people say it was their favorite. I was out walking with my family and I asked my dad if i could try it out. My dad said ok but I had to do a blog about it, so here I am now. We shook hands on it and kept on walking.

Yay! I Got It!
When we got home, he went on amazon and bought it for me! It was very expensive :) It said that it would arrive on the 5th of February. But it arrived earlier on the 1st! How cool!  :-) I did it on the 2nd of February and I was so excited! I kind of opened it when I wasn’t supposed to, because I was too excited to wait.

First Impressions
It was wrapped in a brown package and inside it was a really cute package with these animal things on. There was lots of stamps on it. So the box was smaller then I suspected but that was cute.



Trying It Out
I made the coke before I had to go to my swimming lesson, but it fizzed up quite well. My mates mum came to pick me up for swimming, so when I was in the middle of drinking a bit, the door bell rang and I swallowed it in a gulp! I thought it tasted like the artificial cola bottle gummies. After swimming, I made the chips and the two burgers. Oh and the ketchup!

What I Think Of It
I didn’t really like the taste of the chips but they were small and ………. small. I liked the burger but the cheese tasted weird. My cousins were over and they had a bite. One of my cousins, (that only wanted the cheese), said that the cheese tasted of garlic. :\ Lol.

I think I will rate it 8/10. Heh. ι ℓιкє тнιѕ ѕєт.